Environmental Choices



It starts with each and every one of us! Human impact on the environment these past one hundred years has wreaked havoc on our planet. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we depend on have reached a point where life as we have known it cannot continue without immediate change.



The CHOICES we have made during this time have proven to be nearsighted and irresponsible. Nowhere is this more evident than with our oceans. Many of the fish species, once plentiful, are gone forever. Many more are close to extinction. Those remaining are full of toxins and other hazards that have been introduced by humans.

Scientists recommend reducing the amount of fish in our diet as harmful levels of mercury and toxic chemicals are embedded in the flesh. Our reefs, marine flora and fauna are struggling to survive in ever warming water temperatures, and unchecked pollution. These effects can be attributed to natural and/or human made causes.

We cannot do much to mitigate the natural changes in the environment. We can and must recognize our part in this catastrophe and act immediately.



One of the most common questions we hear is, “How can one person affect positive change?” It is a great question! In the end, it is all about the CHOICES we make every day. We need to GET INVOLVED! We have more power than we realize. It is critically important that we understand and respect the fragility of our incredible, underwater environment.

Almost everything we do, whether it be directly or indirectly, impacts our oceans. Every time we flush a toilet, pour chemicals or other impurities down a drain, take a shower, or continue to use and promote the manufacturing of products which are not recyclable or biodegradable without regard for harmful consequences, we are contributing to the poisoning of our waters, air and land.

We cannot continue to use our planet as a toxic dumping ground for our ever growing waste.



It is so important that we make environmentally friendly choices. The dump is full! We must reduce our waste and recycle our goods whenever possible. And we must take advantage of opportunities to GET INVOLVED! We need to start with being an example to others and spread the word! We need to take a hard look at how we live and what we do. We can choose to use and promote environmentally safe products. We have the option of boycotting items that are harmful and dangerous to our very existence. We can minimize our use of plastics. The next time we go to the grocery store, we can take and reuse our own bags. We can choose NOT to flush chemicals and other toxic products down the drain. We can choose to make biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly products a higher priority than price!

We can choose the health of our planet over personal comfort and ease! At the end of the day, it is up to each and everyone of us to change the course of our impact on this planet. We at SNUBA International are committed to promoting and abiding by our CHOICES and ACTIONS now and in the future. At home, at work and abroad it starts with all of us!