SNUBA Programs



The SNUBA Adventure is a guided underwater tour offered by authorized SNUBA Recreational Centers worldwide. This unique, entertaining program allows you to experience our underwater world without time-consuming classes or training.

During the tour you will come face-to-face with some of the most amazing marine life. Swim with a school of fish, come across a hiding ray, catch a glimpse of a sleepy turtle, and take in the vibrant colors of the coral around you – you’ll discover a world of incomparable beauty!



SNUBA Doo participants breathe through a standard 2nd stage regulator with a child-sized mouthpiece. A 10-foot air line runs from a compressed air cylinder on the SNUBA Raft* to a connection on the back of the SNUBA Doo vest, hindering the child from touching, accidentally disconnecting, or removing any part of the equipment. The air line also keeps the child within a distance of 10-feet or less from the SNUBA Raft.

SNUBA Doo is simple like snorkeling, however, air is provided through a scuba-type regulator mouthpiece. Participants are under the supervision of a certified SNUBA Guide throughout the entire tour. The surface raft is never more than 10-feet from the SNUBA Doo participant, and is available at any time for surface support.

The SNUBA Doo program is an excellent opportunity for the whole family to participate in a SNUBA tour.